The Heron Medical Practice are pleased to have been awarded the following accreditations:


Investors in People - GOLD
"We invest in people" October 2022
Becoming accredited in an achievement to celebrate! Our people are our most valuable commodity and we value our employees above all else. The Heron Medical Practice recognises hard work and goof performance; we give people clear career development frameworks with ongoing support for learning and growth, including mentoring programmes. 


The Heron Medical Practice continuing to increase our sustainability and as a recognition of our joined efforts we have been awarded Silver Award in Green Impact. You can read more about what this project involves at: Green impact for Healthcare Toolkit (GIFH) | Centre for Sustainable Healthcare


Did you know an estimated 900,000 women in the UK have quit their jobs because of the menopause? We pride ourselves on looking after our employees, which is why we have signed up to the Menopause Workplace Pledge. 



The Heron Medical Practice are vereran friendly accredited. This enables the NHS to better meet the health commitments of the Armed Forces Covenant. The accrediattion provides a fantastic opportunity to improve rapport with veteran patients by making them feel more involved and connected.


By signing The Heron Medical Practice up to the Commitment, we are declaring publicly that mental health at work is a priority for us and we are proud to join the growing movement of likeminded employers, businesses and organisations across the UK. 
The Mental Health at Work Commitment is a set of actions, organised into six standards that any organisation can follow to improve and support the mental health of their people:  
1. Prioritise mental health in the workplace by developing and delivering a systematic programme of activity 
2. Proactively ensure work design and organisational culture drive positive mental health outcomes 3. Promote an open culture around mental health  
4. Increase organisational confidence and capability  
5. Provide mental health tools and support
6. Increase transparency and accountability through internal and external reporting 


As a Disability Confident Committed Employer, we have committed to the following:
1. Ensuring our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible
2. Offering interviews to disabled people who meet the minimum criteria for job
3. Communicating and promoting vacancies
4. Anticipating and providing reasonable adjustments as required
5. Supporting any existing employee who acquires a disability or long term health condition, enabling them to stay in work


The Heron Medical Practice has been recognised by Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust for committing to Time to Test, raising awareness of cervical cancer in the workplace and empowering our team to look our their cervical health.


The Heron Medical Practice has been awarded a Silver Award for being a healthy practice.


The Heron Medical Practice has also now been awarded a Silver Award for being a healthy practice.

We're celebrating becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer because we believe a hard day's work deserves a fair day's pay.



The Heron Medical Practice supports Parents of Premature Babies facing the worry and uncertainty of visiting their premature baby in hospital should not spend that time as maternity or paternity leave.   We understand that premature babies need more time; time to develop, time to grow and time for mums and babies to bond at home after neonatal intensive care.
We at The Heron Medical Practice agree to:  
1. Extend maternity leave for mothers who give birth prematurely (before 37 weeks gestation) by the number of days a baby was born prior to their due date. We will pay extended leave at full pay and this may be classed as compassionate leave.  
2. Give dads the time they need to be with their baby in hospital, receiving at least two weeks’ paid compassionate leave on the birth of their premature baby. Fathers may wish to save or split their paternity leave, being there when their baby comes home from hospital. We understand that plans may change depending upon the baby’s medical needs, that additional compassionate leave may be required and that the date a baby will come home from hospital is rarely set in stone.  
3. Support parents returning to work following the birth of a premature baby. We understand that returning to work can be a difficult time for parents of premature babies and that babies born too soon can have ongoing medical needs, requiring regular hospital appointments and check-ups. We therefore follow the ACAS best practice guidance, considering formal and informal flexible working patterns and offering additional paid or unpaid leave. 


As an employer we recognise that in the UK, people experiencing mental ill health continue to report stigma and discrimination at work. Having signed the ‘Charter for Employers Positive about Mental Health’, we are committed to creating a supportive and open culture, where colleagues feel able to talk about mental health confidently, and aspire to appropriately support the mental wellbeing of all staff. As an employer, we have made an on-going commitment to:
-  Provide non-judgemental and proactive support to staff experiencing mental ill health.
- Not make assumptions about a person with a mental health condition and their ability to work.
- Be positive and enabling towards all employees and job applicants with a mental health condition.
- Support line managers in managing mental health in the workplace.
- Ensure we are fair in the recruitment of new staff in accordance with the Equality Act (2010).
- Make it clear that people who have experienced mental ill health will not be discriminated against, and that disclosure of a mental health problem will enable both the employee and employer to assess and provide the right level of support or adjustment.


We are now an official Safe Surgery!
A Safe Surgery can be any GP Practice which commints to taking steps to tackle the barriers faced by many migrants in accessing healthcare. At a minimum, this means declaring your practice a "Safe Surgery" for everyone and ensuring that lack of ID or proof of address, immigration status or language are not barriers to patient registration.
Safe Surgeries recognise the barriers to healthcare access that exist, particularly for migrants in vulnerable circumstances, and believe that small changes in practice can make a difference. They are willing to lead by example and work to ensure that nobdy in their community is excluded.