Our Mission 

Our purpose is simple – to deliver best possible care to our patients.


By understanding patients’ needs and expectations, we apply the right balance of knowledge, care and experience, to ensure their needs are met.

We’re passionate about delivering an outstanding customer experience. Trusted by thousands of patients across Herne Bay, we put our patients at the heart of all that we do.


Our Vision

We have a clear vision which focuses on ensuring we are:

          ‘Caring for our population, patients and each other’


Living our Values

Our values are dynamic and ambitious in nature. They aim to encourage employees to progress, create a positive culture and enable out Practice to become the best possible general practice.


We act with Patients’ interest at heart

  • We put our  patients at the heart of everything we do
  • We go the extra mile to ensure we deliver on our promises
  • We aim for our customer service to be second to none
  • We strive to be the best to ensure the essential support we provide is equally excellent

We work together to achieve success

  • We communicate in a transparent and open manner
  • We welcome other opinions and value diversity
  • We support others’ needs and we encourage others to succeed
  • We let the team shine; not go for an individual glory
  • Everything that we do, is done with enthusiasm and positivity

We act with respect and integrity

  • We never compromise on safety
  • We respect each other, patients, contractors and suppliers
  • We demonstrate fairness in our dealings with others and provide open and honest feedback
  • We don’t take credit for the achievements of others

We innovate to make a difference

  •  We passionately embrace change and challenging the norm
  •  We are forward thinkers and aim to be one step ahead
  •  We endeavour to be the best in all we do
  •  We go the extra mile to ensure we add value through our knowledge and expertise, ensuring results no matter the challenge.

We take ownership and feel accountable

  • We look for solutions, not for excuses
  • We assume responsibility for the impact and the results of our actions
  • We are strongly committed to deliver best for our community
  • We learn from our mistakes