Private Fees

Not all services are available under the NHS and will therefore incur a private charge.  Listed below is a list of common items that will involve a fee being charged.  This list is not exhaustive and is only designed to be a guide as to the type of thing that is not covered by the NHS:-



TWIMC Letter    £30.00

Private Sick Note    £36.00

Private Doctors Letter    £24.00

Private Prescription     £21.00

Private Doctor’s Consultation (Ten Minutes)   £35.00

Private Nurse Consultation (Twenty Minutes)  £30.00

Private Home Visit    £100.00

Private Medical Insurance Form   £35.00

Private Blood Test   £39.00

Private Blood Test paternity £46.80

Driving Licence Form   £41.40

Vaccination Certificates     £24.00

Holiday Cancellation Form     £36.00

Medical Costs Insurance Form     £30.00

Sickness/Accident Insurance Form    £30.00

Kent Police Firearms Form     £30.00

Fitness To Attend Gym etc 

 With Examination     £78.00                                                           Without Examination   £36.00

Freedom From Infection    £36.00

Child Minder Form    £109.20

Ofsted Health Declaration      £105.00

Power of Attorney   £165.60

University Health Questionnaire   £24.00

Seafarer’s Medical     £130.00

Racing Driver Fitness       £156.00

Sports Medical      £130.00

Insurance Application      £104.00

Insurance Supplementary Report      £27.00

Fitness To Attend School     £21.00

Fitness To Travel      £36.00

Extract From Records (no charge under GDPR)                                   £0.00

Report On Pro-Forma      £107.40

Detailed Written Report     £159.60

Medical Examination And Report     £203.40

Typed Report From Medical Records     £156.00

Supplementary Report To MAR     £60.00

Court Of Protection (CP3)                                                                 

With Examination   £144.00                                                          Without Examination   £66.00

DNA test exempt for diagnostic purposes   £38.50

DNA test     £46.20

Blood Group Test    £30.00

HIV Blood Test     £30.00

Hep B Blood Test     £30.00

Army Reports     £78.00

Elderly Driver Fitness    £48.60

Diabetic Driver Fitness    £40.50

DVLA Form D4       £111.50

HGV & PSV    £105.00

Taxi And Private Hire Form   £105.00

HGV Concession To Unemployed     £55.50

Employment Medical Report (With Examination)   £120.00

All Other Medicals (eg Sport, Travel)    £180.50

Adoption Form AH     £80.47

Fostering Form AH2      £26.54

Fostering Form 1HA-YP    £215.00

For costs re: vaccinations, please speak to a Nurse.

A more detailed list can be obtained from reception

private fees

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