Nurse Team

What is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)? 

Advanced Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses who have done extra training and academic qualifications to be able to examine, assess, make diagnoses, treat, prescribe and make referrals for patients who present with undiagnosed/undifferentiated problems. Individual ANPs will have different specialities, i.e. some won’t see children under 2 or pregnant women, whereby others will, each will work to their own competencies. The Reception Staff will know that a particular ANP can do or see and will advise the patient accordingly.

Our ANPs:

  • Claire Holland-Cloherty (f)
  • Terri Starmer (f)

What is a Practice Paramedic Practitioner? 

Practice Paramedics are qualified healthcare professionals who have undergone training to be able assist the GP in triaging patients and providing home visits, examining, assessing and diagnosing patients and providing clinical care and management as required.

We currently have a Practice Paramedic, Paul Effeny (m)



Nurse Rachel Bain (f)
Senior Nurse

  • Katy Butler (f)
  • Victoria Bellamy (f)
  • Leanna Hayes (f)

Healthcare Assistants

  • Gill Wright (f)
  • Chantelle Garnier-Bastick (f)
  • Zoe Greenhall (f)
  • Amy Clarke (f)