Practice Team

What is a Care Navigator?

The aim of the Care Navigator role is to make the patient’s interaction with the practice better, with improved efficiency of outcome.  Importantly, it is aimed at better using our resources, moving work that can be done by Care Navigators way from Clinicians, who will then be freed up to see patients who need their expertise. This will include things such as liaising with the Neighbourhood Care Team, co-ordinating palliative care patients, offering advice to patients regarding Age Concern and such like, advising regarding the podiatry home care services, referrals for wheelchairs, OT and orthotics, arranging exercise referrals, facilitating sick notes; and chasing blood test results and hospital appointments.


Practice Management

Mrs Helen Sutton (f)
Business Manager

Miss Clare Abbatt (f)
Practice Manager

Mrs Jenna Goodwin (f)
Quality Manager

Miss Claire Sears (f)
Operations Manager

Ms Dawn Simmons (f)
Finance Manager

Miss Ann Marie Burns (f)
Admin Team Supervisor

Mrs Kerry Dickinson (f)
Reception Superviso

Miss Krystal Appleby (f)
Reception Supervisor

Nurse Rachel Bain (f)
Senior Nurse

Miss Steph Scarlett (f)
Ophthalmology Services Manager 

Mrs Gemma Sanderson (f)
Non-Clinical Nurse Manager 

Health Professionals 

Crystal Ugwuegbu - Clinical Pharmacist (f)

Maria Pelosi-  PCN Clinical Pharmacist (f)

Dan Gord - Advanced Practitioner (m)

Rachel Smith- Advanced Practitioner (f)

Clare Ramsay- Advanced Practitioner (f)

Paul Effeny- Paramedic (m)

What is a GP Registrar? 

A GP Registrar or GP trainee is a qualified doctor who is training to become a GP through a period of working and training in a practice. They will usually have spent at least two years working in a hospital before you see them in a practice and are closely supervised by a senior GP or trainer.

During their final year the GP Registrar will work 4 days per week at the Surgery.  They will see patients independently (with support from their trainer).  They start with longer appointments at the beginning of their year (August) gradually reduce their appointment time until they are confident with the standard 10 minute appointment slots.

GP Registrar

Dr Joseph Sachin- Mentor: Dr Dunn


  • Mrs Debbie Bryant (f)
  • Miss Kayley Tilbrook (f)
  • Mrs Tess Dale (f)