Stop Smoking

We are glad you want to stop smoking.

This leaflet gives you some information about the help available.  It tells you about: 

  • Local support groups
  • Telephone helplines
  • Internet advice
  • Nicotine replacement
  • The new tablet, bupropion

Stopping Smoking 

You have already taken the most important step by deciding that you want to stop.  The support and smoking aids in this leaflet cannot stop you smoking, but they can help to make it easier. 

stop smoking


Where can I get support and information?

Quitline is a free helpline available everyday.  They have an information pack which they can send to you and can tell you about local support groups.

Quitline:            0800 169 0169 (9am – 9pm)


Health Net



Support Groups

The surgery offers an in-house stop smoking service - please telephone 01227 742226 and ask for a smoking cessation appointment.

For information about other local stop smoking services: 

  • Boots, Mortimer Street - 01227 374363
  • Delmergate, 145 Reculver Road - 01227 372185 
  • Boots, 161a Station Road - 01227 372792
  • Bornos Pharmacy, 150 Station Road - 01227 368668

Will nicotine replacement help me?

Nicotine replacement (NRT) is particularly helpful for heavy smokers, especially those who need their first cigarette as soon as they get up in the morning.  If you smoke less than 10 a day, or can go without a cigarette for many hours NRT is unlikely to be helpful.  If  you have heart disease, or are pregnant see your GP first. 


Where can I buy NRT?  

You can buy NRT from your pharmacist.  He will be able to tell you about the different forms of NRT available. (patches, gum, nasal spray, and insufflator) 


Would bupropion be better for me?

Buproprion can help relieve the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal in regular smokers.  There are some conditions, such as epilepsy, liver disease, depression and pregnancy when it is not safe to take bupropion.  It is taken for two months, starting a week before your stop date.


Where can I get bupropion? 

Bupropion can be prescribed by your own doctor.  Before you see your doctor to discuss bupropion it would be helpful to consider the questions on the back of this leaflet.  Your doctor will ask you about your stop smoking plans when you see him/her.


Planning for stopping  

Now you have to decide to stop smoking you will need to make some plans.
When am I going to stop?  It is essential to set a quit date.

If you are considering bupropion this needs to be about a week after you start treatment. 


What other help do I need? 

Information (telephone/internet)
Telephone Support
Support group
NRT (see your pharmacist)

Good Luck!

When you have stopped smoking why not write and tell us! We would love to know.

Jenna Goodwin, Quality Project Manager, St. Anne’s Surgery, 161 Station Road, Herne Bay, CT6 5NF.